Here’s Why You Should See a Running Chiropractor Right Away

Running is an effective form of exercise. Apart from being the perfect choice for people with an active lifestyle, it is just a great sport. However, a runner must always be extra cautious about their fitness, given that it is a high impact activity, which may have an enormous impact on the joints and bones. And there are greater concerns for people who run on rough and rugged terrain, such trail running.

Chiropractic care is an excellent choice for regular runners, especially to get benefit from the physical strain and training. No matter whether you want to train for a marathon or wish to enjoy running as a sport, it is wise to see a running chiropractor. Here are some of the top benefits at a glance.

1. Contrary to what people may believe, chiropractors are concerned with overall wellness, rather than just treat neck and back problems. For runners, chiropractors are of great benefit as they can align the spine, which can help in preventing injuries. As parts of the body get out of sync, treatment from an expert can reduce pressure on the joints. Also, you are likely to see an improvement in your running technique and general posture.

2. Running injuries are common and to be expected, and it is possible to reduce the impact and improve the healing process by visiting a chiropractor. Symmetry is important when considering injury prevention or injury recovery. It’s important to examine and address leg length inequalities. In the bone length study below, by looking only at the patient’s hips it appears they are about 1cm off. BUT by performing this x-ray which is the gold standard for measuring leg length, it includes the length of the right and left femur and tibia, now you have very specific information that will allow you to determine the exact needs of a runner. For example, this patient requires an 8mm lift on the right side. If we only paid attention to the hips or tried using a tape measure externally, we would be doing them an injustice and possibly putting them in harms way!

3. If you have pain due to a running injury, chiropractic care will help in dealing with the pain. Even a single session with the running chiropractor can offer instant relief and reduce the severity of your pain. In most cases, people often rely on painkillers, which are ideal for relief but do have an impact on the body and are not addressing the pain generator. You can reduce medication dependency, especially for pain, with regular chiropractic care.

Choosing a chiropractor

This is one aspect that needs attention for various reasons. First, you need someone “who’s been around the block a few times”, who is familiar with running injuries and related concerns. Make sure to look around in your area and if you find a clinic, don’t be hesitant to ask questions. It is also imperative that you discuss your condition and that there is a clear plan on keeping you running or returning you to running. In some cases, a patient may require additional treatment in the form of ARPWave therapy, spinal decompression and cold laser therapy to treat certain types of pain and injuries. Finally, make sure you try to ask your questions up front. This is imperative to make sure treatment goals and expectations are understood by both parties.

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