Do Nothing, Accomplish Everything! The Connection Between Breathing and Healing

Every living thing breathes. Without breathing there is no life. Breathing happens automatically, and is responsible for much more than simply keeping us alive. It is a major source of energy and vitality, and it is one of the main detoxification, emotional release and weight loss mechanisms. Proper nasal breathing burns triglycerides (responsible for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.), physical toxins, toxic thoughts and fat. Note those that mouth breathing is not associated with any of the already listed benefits.

The reason why nasal breathing is so beneficial for our physical and mental health and wellness is the fact that it triggers a parasympathetic response (i.e. it puts the body in a state of rest, digest, fat burning, and regeneration). Breathing properly through your nose is especially important when you exercise. Exercise normally stresses out the body because it activates the Fight / Flight mechanism, thus leading to disease and weight gain in the long run. However, if you practice nasal breathing while working out, you will enjoy health and well-being on many levels: you will digest better, your immune system will function better, your lymph will drain better, your bowels will move better, you will experience less bloating, less weight gain, less inflammation and fewer auto-immune diseases, to name but a few.

Nasal breathing is particularly beneficial to the nervous system as it detoxifies and drains the brain from toxic chemicals, stuck emotions, and plaque. As a result, you can experience increased focus, concentration, clarity and awareness. In addition, nasal breathing can reduces the risk of Alzheimer, dementia, depression, anxiety, and other mental imbalances.

Every healing therapy should acknowledge the importance of proper breathing and many already do so. In BodyTalk for instance, one of the most important balances is a breathing technique. The BodyTalk system shares the ancient wisdom of yoga and recognizes that every cell in the body rocks with the breath. Breathing in creates energy and vitality since air is a building block for Qi (i.e. our life force) as well as inspiration and passion for life. Breathing out helps us let go of physical and mental toxins, and creates freedom so we can go with the flow. The brain scans the body and activates the self-healing mechanism by sending signals for repair based on the breathing.

Therefore, if we could master breathing, we would be able to achieve just about everything by doing nothing.